Woolf side view, the only wristband in the world dedicated to the real biker

The only wristband in the world dedicated to the real biker

You no longer have to worry about checking speed limits and other sensitive points, Woolf will do this for you. Woolf is made of high quality leather that is water resistant and specially designed for bike clothing. It is functional, thin and comfortable to wear even with tight gloves.

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WOOLF is cheaper than the minimum penalty

Accessory of the year 2016 - 2nd

"The biker will only have to keep his eyes on the road and enjoy the ride"

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Italian most influential motorcycling magazine

Talking about WOOLF

"is not a radar scanner or detector, which is illegal in some countries. So it’s perfectly legal"

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"it may actually make the roads safer for bikers and pedestrians"

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"it is intended to keep your eyes on the road by providing data using vibrations"

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How it works

How Woolf biker wristband works infographic

The dedicated app uses the leading world mapping speed limit service and other sensitive points guaranteeing maximum precision and constant updating. The closer you get to a sensitive point, the higher will be the frequency of vibration of your wristband, allowing you to reach the right speed.

Available for Android and iOS.

+100,000 fixed and mobile speed and red light cameras

WOOLF takes advantage of the leading technology in global mapping and other data to bring you the highest level of accuracy and constant updates*.

Daily updates

Works in 67 countryes, with 99% coverage

Speed cameras are checked on-site

* Used by over 100 navigation devices producers all around the world like
Google Earth, Tom Tom, Garmin, Alpine, Sigic, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Fiat and many others.

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WOOLF is designed for bikers, but allows you to save money in your car, quad, van, truck and more. WOOLF doesn't need maps or navigation devices.

WOOLF has been featured internationally

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FAQs about Woolf

How does WOOLF work?

WOOLF is a device that reports the presence of speedcams and other sensitive spots through a vibration system. The operation of the bracelet is very simple as the device, in order to operate, simply needs to be matched the WOOLF App via Bluetooth. The App can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Play Store. Match the device to the App through a simple wizard and set the configuration mode according to your preferences. You will be able not only to choose which types of sensitive spots to be alerted at, but also the vibration signal based on the distance from the point of interest. Close to the spots of interest, WOOLF will begin to vibrate with a growing frequency.

Can I use WOOLF also in the car?

WOOLF works exactly the same on any vehicle.

In which countries does WOOLF work?

The SCDB speedcam database used by WOOLF covers 67 countries, detecting more than 100,000 speed cameras. The countries covered by the service are: America, Asia, Europe, Andorra (AND), Argentina (RA), Armenia (ARM), Australia (AUS), Austria (A), Belgium (B), Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) Germany (CZ), Estonia (EST), Finland (FI), Brazil (BR), Bulgaria (BG), Canada (CDN), Chile (RCH), China (RCC) , France (FR), France DOM-ROM (FRDR), Germany (D), Great Britain (GB), Greece (GR), Hong Kong (HK) , Malta (M), Israel (IL), Italy (I), Jordan (JOR), Kuwait (KWT), Latvia (LV), Liechtenstein Morocco (MA), Namibia (NAM), Netherlands (NL), New Zealand (NZ), Norway (NO), Oman (OM), Paraguay (PY), Poland (PL), Portugal (SL), South Africa (ZA), Spain (ES), Sweden (SL), Russia (RUS), Saudi Arabia (KSA), Serbia (SRB), Singapore (UT), Tunisia (TN), Turkey (TR), USA (USA), Ukraine (UA), Switzerland (CH), Taiwan (RCT) United Arab Emirates (UAE), Zimbabwe (ZW). Below you can find the list of countries covered by our service and the number of mapped speed cameras.

SCDB Stats

Is WOOLF available in only one size?

At the moment the bracelet is available in one size. WOOLF is equipped with velcro closure so it is adjustable and adaptable to different wrists. This type of closure allows better wrist adaptability. The length of the bracelet is 26,5 cm.

Is WOOLF available in other variants?

At the moment, the bracelet is available in one size and one color. We will evaluate the introduction of new variants for the coming seasons.

Is WOOLF water resistant?

The 100% made in Italy leather used for the WOOLF bracelet features maximum resistance to water and shocks. You will not incur any risk if the rain will surprise you during one of your trips. High quality leather, besides offering you a long service life, guarantees maximum comfort even under tight gloves. All the components used have been treated to be water resistant.

How do I charge WOOLF?

To charge the device you can use the supplied micro USB cable and the full charge level will require a couple of hours.

Is WOOLF covered by warranty?

The bracelet warranty lasts 1 year outside Italy. If there is any need of support for damages or malfunction, as with any other commercially available item, we ask you to send the bracelet to our labs where we will evaluate the extent of the damage.

Is WOOLF a legal device?

WOOLF is a fully legal accessory, it is not an anti-theft device for its features and therefore it does not violate the Traffic Laws (Article 45, paragraph 9a, CdS). WOOLF, as any navigator, is not a device which cancels the effect of the speed cameras, it only indicates their location and therefore it does not violate any of the traffic rules. WOOLF does not intercept the frequency of patrol devices, which would actually make it illegal; on the contrary it indicates to the user the presence of sensitive spots to be attended to. Our technology employs SCDB, the world's leading provider of speedcam mapping. Speedcam mapping is accessible to anyone online, so it's perfectly legal. This is confirmed by the Italian Court of Cassation in recent decree no. 4221/15 of 27.11.2015.

How long does the battery of WOOLF last?

WOOLF is equipped with a 120mAh battery designed to ensure over 15 days of moving operation for 2 hours a day. This is an estimation of a medium intensity road (fullness of speed cams and other sensitive spots). The actual lifespan depends on the number of sensitive spots encountered in the specific road section on which you are riding (very free roads will allow a longer duration, while urban sections with more than one speed camera and other sensitive spots will require more battery power).

FAQs about the App

What are the sensitive spots reported by WOOLF?

WOOLF reports the presence of fixed speed cameras, the most frequently used positions for mobile cameras, traffic lights with cameras and many other sensitive spots.

Does WOOLF also report mobile speed cameras?

The service used by WOOLF (SCDB) reports fixed speed cameras and signals the most frequently used locations for mobile speed cameras. The service therefore provides a history of mobile speed cameras but does not provide real-time reporting. The WOOLF application allows you to control sensitive spots such as speed cameras and traffic lights with cameras and receives updates when new control spots are installed in the streets. The sensitive points mapping service used by WOOLF is the same as the one used by the most famous satellite navigators and by the major automakers.

Which devices does WOOLF work with?

The WOOLF App developed by our technical team is compatible with iOS and Android systems. There is currently no release of the Windows Phone application; development is under evaluation after the 2017 season. The WOOLF App requires least the 9.0 version for iOS and the 4.4.4 for Android.

What are the minimum technical requirements for running the App?

Your device will need to have iOS or Android as operating systems and be equipped with:
- GPS Sensor
- Gyroscope
- Bluetooth 4
- Data Connection
WOOLF works with iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE;
WOOLF works with Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6. Edge, Plus and Mini versions are also supported.
WOOLF works with many other Android smartphones. We recommend that you check the features of your phone to verify that WOOLF is supported. For any doubt or concern, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and tell us the model of your phone. We will be happy to help you.

Where can I download the app?

The WOOLF App developed by our technical team can be downloaded for free directly from the App Store or Play Store. Unfortunately at the moment there is no release for Windows Phone; The development of the Windows application is under evaluation after the 2017 season. Inside the bracelet box you will find the QR code that will allow you to easily find the App on App Store and Play Store. Download the App and connect WOOLF with your device through a simple wizard. It will just take a few minutes to complete the matching procedure.

How does the app work?

The WOOLF App requires an active connection only during the upgrading phase, while in mobility it does not require constant data connection but only the GPS positioning, ensuring the operation in non-covered areas (even abroad), minimizing traffic consumption (roaming is not required) and smartphone battery optimization. The app must be open and it will run in background on your device. Once you have paired the device with the App through a simple wizard, you can configure the signalization of sensitive spots depending on your preferences.
We also suggest you to watch this tutorial on how to use the App.

How do the database updates take place?

Daily database updates about speed cameras will run automatically directly on your phone. Only in case of any extraordinary updates for system improvement, users will be invited to connect the device to the PC to allow the update.

Can I choose which sensitive points to be alerted at?

Within the app you can customize the alert mode that the WOOLF bracelet will have to send you. You will be able not only to choose which types of sensitive spots to be alerted on, but also the vibration signal based on the distance from the point of interest.

Which service does WOOLF use to get data on speed cameras?

The sensitive spots mapping service used by WOOLF is SCDB. SCDB is the world's most important data server used by the most famous satellite navigators as well as by the major automakers. This service is the world's leading provider of data about speed cameras. It covers 67 countries, making it the largest database available.

Do I need to have the active connection to run WOOLF?

The WOOLF App requires an active connection only when upgrading, while in mobility it does not require constant data connection, but only active GPS positioning.

Can I use WOOLF while using a navigator?

The WOOLF bracelet needs the bluetooth connectivity to work. However, without using audio features, it does not interfere in any way with any headset with a navigator function.

How do I match the bracelet to the App?

Proceed with pairing in a few simple steps.
1. Activate the bluetooth on your mobile phone and keep your WOOLF bracelet close to you.
2. The available pairing devices will appear, select the bracelet you want to connect. A check will appear on the selected device and your WOOLF will start to vibrate. Select your WOOLF and click the PAIRING button to complete the operation.
We also suggest you to watch this tutorial on how to use the App.

The application does not detect the bracelet. What should I do?

We recommend recharging the bracelet for at least a couple of hours. Remember to disconnect WOOLF from the power cable in order to allow the App to detect your device.

Where do I find the charging status?

The charging status is visible on the App's main screen at the bottom left.

Do I have to turn on the device to make it work?

The device does not have any on or off buttons. After about ten minutes of inactivity, the device activates the standby mode to reduce battery consumption. As soon as you reuse the bracelet (it simply detects motion through sensors), the device will automatically exit the standby mode.